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Official Audio for “Looking For God” by Blessing Offor
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Look at these castles
Look at these walls around
Look as these shackles
Golden chains hold us down
And the party’s so fun now why would we leave
The money don’t run out what does it mean
Look at these questions
Who’s gonna answer me now

I’ve been looking for God in the strangest places,
looking for God in the back streets
It’s like we forgot who’s friends with the wasted
The ones left behind in the alleys,
I’ve been looking for god cause he’s out there
Close to the pain and he’s not scared
It’s hold back your hair, love
Show you I care, love
It’s everywhere that they said it’s not
I’ve been looking for God

Look at our hearts break
Just trying to hide ourselves
It’s a been a hard rain
And we’re trying to dry ourselves
Everybody so shiek, shoes in style
Wonder if they’ve walked somebody else’s mile
The answers not far away
If we could only try ourselves

The party’s so loud everybody’s so free
That you can’t hear the sound of a soul scream
A soul scream, a soul scream
You can’t hear the sound of a soul scream

Music video by Blessing Offor performing Looking For God (Audio). Sparrow Records, Bowyer & Bow; © 2022 Capitol CMG, Inc.